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Hi I am Ravi and I am husband to the love of my life and to be father to a cute little angel and I am also the founder of KADALI Studios. I have realized that being a husband to my wife has had a great influence on me. For instance marriage has taught me to listen well and be patient; this turned out to be the most essential trait of a creative photographer. 


Most of my life I have been the person who talks relatively more when I am in my group of buddies. However I think this has helped me in giving voice to my observations through photographs; showing the human connection, love, affection, the energy that flows around when I am capturing the moments. I found my photos and videos convey what I feel about the environment during capturing peoples memories. Moreover I am a film guy. I am into VFX, Graphics, Multimedia which has moved me to take up Photo and Video as my profession. I have worked for many Indian movies  as a VFX artist.


Well I have lot more to say… So lets keep the rest for in person meetings as well. I don’t want to run away with words about me, my passion and my creativity...

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